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07-31-2001, 07:04 PM
Hi there.

Well I got my radeon, however I cannot seem to get anything to recognise it's there. it comes up in sys profiler etc. but there is no acceleration. I did the std install from the CD and the ati extensions are in the extensions folder. But still no acceleration!! yes the acceleration in the ati menu is ticked. I've got it in a pm 7500 with powerlogix G4 350mhz I took note of the umax topic so used slot 2. Can anyone help me!!!?

07-31-2001, 07:24 PM
What OS are you running and have you updated the Radeon software? The CD software I think is still old. k

07-31-2001, 07:36 PM
Hi Kaye.

It's runnin on a freshly installed OS 9. The CD software version is 1.1.1

07-31-2001, 08:44 PM
Did you disable the default MacOS ATI extensions?

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07-31-2001, 08:59 PM
One thing I don't understand - "...I cannot seem to get anything to recognise it's there...", do you mean you are getting a black screen or a gray screen and no boot? Or what? Are you using another monitor and video card to boot or what? k

08-01-2001, 08:24 AM
The main apps I have tried are. Norton utilities to bench mark it. Unreal. Unreal tournament. descent 3. all of which usually auto detect but just come up with software rendering.

Hi dragon. what ati extensions?? 7500 never had any ati extensions and I can't even seem to find them to install them on my 7500 anyway!

08-01-2001, 08:26 AM
I tried disabling acceleration and using norton benchmarks and boy did that make a difference!! came out worse than a IIvx!! with acceleration it benchmarks around a G3 266. A radeon should do more than this surely!! Despite this still not recognised in unreal

08-01-2001, 01:15 PM
Ok here goes this is the system info report from the radeon

System Name: Power Macintosh
Machine Number: $44
Processor Type: $10C (PPC G4)
ROM Version: $77D
System Version: 9.0.0
Physical Memory Size: 896.0 MB
Logical Memory Size: 896.0 MB
- Virtual Memory OFF
Display Manager Version: 2.5.0
OpenGL for Macintosh Version: 1.2.1
QuickDrawȢ Version: 2.5.1
QuickDrawȢ 3D Version: 160.80.0
QuickDrawȢ 3D RAVE Version: 1.6
QuickDrawȢ GX Version: Not Installed.
QuickTimeȢ Version: 4.1.2
QuickTimeȢ Conferencing Version: Not Installed.

=== ATI SOFTWARE ====================

ATI 3D Accelerator Version: 6.2
ATI Desktop Video Version: Not Installed.
ATI Desktop Video Extension Version: Not Installed.
ATI Displays Control Panel Version: 2.8.2
ATI Extension Version: 2.8.2
ATI Graphics Accelerator Version: 5.3.4
ATI Mac2TVȢ Monitor Version: 2.8.2
ATI Mac2TV Startup Version: Not Installed.
ATI MPEG Accelerator Version: Not Installed.
ATI Offscreen Mem Manager Version: Not Installed.
ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator: 6.2
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator 6.0.1
ATI Resource Manager 2.8.3
ATI Shared Library Not Installed.
ATI Sound Catalyst Version: Not Installed.
ATI Tuner Version: Not Installed.
ATI Video Accelerator Version: 4.6.9
ATI Video Digitizer Version: 4.3.3
ATI Video Memory Manager Version: Not Installed.
ATI YUV Accelerator Version: Not Installed.

=== DISPLAYS =================================

Number of Cards with attached displays: 1

Display Number: 1
Display ID: 256
Display Type: Multi frequency 21"
Video Card Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Driver Name in Registry: ATY,RADEONp
ROM Version: 2
ROM Number: 113-77701-119
Memory Number: 113-77701-119
Memory: 33 MB
Physical Display Size: 1280 x 960
Virtual Display Size: 1280 x 960
Connect Flags: $84
Raw Sense Code: $6
Extended Sense: $2B
Available Resolution:
640 x 480, 60Hz
640 x 480, 67Hz
640 x 480, 72Hz
640 x 480, 75Hz
640 x 480, 85Hz
640 x 480, 90Hz
640 x 480, 100Hz
640 x 480, 120Hz
800 x 600, 56Hz
800 x 600, 60Hz
800 x 600, 72Hz
800 x 600, 75Hz
800 x 600, 85Hz
800 x 600, 90Hz
800 x 600, 100Hz
800 x 600, 120Hz
832 x 624, 75Hz
1024 x 768, 60Hz
1024 x 768, 70Hz
1024 x 768, 75Hz
1024 x 768, 85Hz
1024 x 768, 90Hz
1024 x 768, 100Hz
1024 x 768, 120Hz
1152 x 870, 75Hz
Č´ 1280 x 960, 75Hz
1280 x 1024, 60Hz
1280 x 1024, 75Hz
1280 x 1024, 85Hz
1600 x 1200, 60Hz
1600 x 1200, 65Hz
1600 x 1200, 70Hz
1600 x 1200, 75Hz
1920 x 1080, 60Hz
1920 x 1080, 72Hz
1920 x 1200, 76Hz
1792 x 1344, 60Hz
1856 x 1392, 60Hz
1920 x 1440, 60Hz

=== CONTROL PANELS ===========================

APPC Appearance
APPC Apple Menu Options
cdev AppleTalk
APPC ATI Displays
APPC ColorSync
APPC Control Strip
APPC Date & Time
cdev DialAssist
APPC Energy Saver
APPC Extensions Manager
APPC File Exchange
APPC File Sharing
cdev General Controls
APPC Internet
APPC Keyboard
APPL Keychain Access
cdev Launcher
APPC Location Manager
APPC Memory
APPC Modem
APPC Monitors
APPC Mouse
APPC Multiple Users
cdev Numbers
cdev QuickTimeȢ Settings
APPC Remote Access
APPC Software Update
APPC Sound
cdev Speech
cdev Startup Disk
cdev TCP/IP
cdev Text
APPC Web Sharing

=== CONTROL STRIPS ===========================

sdev AppleTalk Switch
sdev Battery Monitor
sdev CDStrip
sdev Energy Settings
sdev File Sharing Strip
sdev Keychain Strip
sdev Location Manager Controls
sdev Media Bay
sdev Monitor BitDepth
sdev Monitor Resolution
sdev Printer Selector
sdev QuickTime Strip
sdev Remote Access Control Strip
sdev Sound Volume
sdev SoundSource Strip
sdev TV Mirroring
sdev Video Mirroring
sdev Web Sharing CS

=== EXTENSION FILES ==========================

INIT EM Extension
poco About Apple Guide
shlb AOL Link Enhanced
shlb AOL Link Scanner
INIT Apple CD/DVD Driver
thng Apple Color SW Pro CMM
ndrv Apple Enet
INIT Apple Guide
INIT Apple Monitor Plugins
thng Apple Photo Access
ndrv Apple QD3D HW Driver
shlb Apple QD3D HW Plug-In
thng AppleScript
shlb AppleScriptLib
RDEV AppleShare
appe Application Switcher
INIT ATI Extension
INIT ATI Graphics Accelerator
poco ATI Guide
appe ATI Mac2TVȢ Monitor
shlb ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator
shlb ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator
shlb ATI Resource Manager
ndrv ATI ROM Xtender
thng ATI Video Accelerator
thng ATI Video Digitizer
thng Audio CD Access
INIT Built-In Graphics Accelerator
INIT CarbonLib
INIT Color Picker
PRER Color SW 1500
PRER Color SW 2500
PRER Color SW Pro
appe ColorSync Extension
INIT Contextual Menu Extension
appe Control Strip Extension
PRER CSW 6000 Series
shlb Default Calibrator
appe Desktop Printer Spooler
APPL Desktop PrintMonitor
shlb DNSPlugin
shlb DrawSprocketLib
appe FBC Indexing Scheduler
INIT File Sharing Extension
shlb File Sharing Library
shlb Find By Content
appe Folder Actions
appe FontSync Extension
INIT Foreign File Access
thng Heidelberg CMM
shlb HID Library
thng High Sierra File Access
shlb HTMLRenderingLib
PRES ImageWriter
thng IndeoČĂ Video
shlb InputSprocket Extension
thng Intel Raw Video
shlb Internet Access
thng Internet Config Extension
INIT Iomega Driver
thng ISO 9660 File Access
PRER LaserWriter 300/LS
PRER LaserWriter 8
shlb LDAP Client Library
shlb LDAPPlugin
AINI Location Manager Extension
poco Location Manager Guide
thng MacinTalk 3
thng MacinTalk Pro
help Macintosh Guide
shlb MacromediaRuntimeLib
shlb Microsoft Component Library
shlb MS Font Embed Library (PPC)
scri Multi-User Startup
shlb NBP Plugin
shlb NetSprocketLib
shlb Network Setup Extension
shlb NSL UI Library
otsl Open Transport
libr Open Transport ASLM Modules
shlb OpenGLEngine
shlb OpenGLLibrary
shlb OpenGLMemory
shlb OpenGLRenderer
shlb OpenGLRendererATI
shlb OpenGLUtility
libr OpenTpt Modem
libr OpenTpt Remote Access
libr OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator
INIT Printer Share
shlb PrintingLib
APPL PrintMonitor
shlb QD3DCustomElements
INIT QuickDrawȢ 3D
shlb QuickDrawȢ 3D IR
shlb QuickDrawȢ 3D RAVE
shlb QuickDrawȢ 3D Viewer
ndrv QuickTime FireWire DV Enabler
INIT QuickTime FireWire DV Support
INIT QuickTimeȢ
INIT QuickTimeȢ MPEG Extension
INIT QuickTimeȢ Musical Instruments
INIT QuickTimeȢ PowerPlug
INIT QuickTimeȢ VR
adev Remote Only
shlb Security Cert Module
shlb Security Library
shlb Security Manager
shlb Security Policy Module
shlb Security Storage Module
libr Serial (Built-in)
INIT Shared Library Manager
INIT Shared Library Manager PPC
APPL ShareWay IP Personal Bgnd
help SimpleText Guide
shlb SLPPlugin
APPL Software Update Engine
appe Software Update Scheduler
shlb SOMobjectsȢ for Mac OS
INIT Sound Manager
thng SoundSprocket Filter
shlb SoundSprocketLib
INIT Speech Manager
SITL StuffIt EngineȢ
shlb StuffIt EngineȢ PowerPlug
thng System Monitor Plugins
shlb Text Encoding Converter
appe Time Synchronizer
sclr Type 1 Scaler
INIT UDF Volume Access
otsl URL Access
INIT Video Startup
aam Voice Verification
appe Web Sharing Extension

=== STARTUP ITEMS ============================

=== SYSTEM FOLDER ============================

APPL AOL 5.0 Backup Installer
CLIP Clipboard
FNDR Finder
FNDR Login
cdev MacTCP DNR
FNDR Panels
sbkt Scrapbook File
zsys System
zsyr System Resources

08-01-2001, 01:19 PM
one other thing and perhaps this is the problem. it seems to take ages to find the monitor on a cold start?? when the screen appears it's at the happy mac stage, the monitor is a 21" 'digital' monitor. came off an alpha workstation. it's very nice. But it isn't the problem as i tried my apple 1710av on it and still no difference

08-01-2001, 07:04 PM
One other thing. I think kaye said she liked the extensions zipping across the screen. The only extension I see at startup is the ati displays one. please help me!@!!!

08-01-2001, 07:57 PM
I wasn't referring specifically to the ATI inits as I recall, but what you see during startup does depend on whether you use Conflict Catcher or Apple's Extension Manager. I had to look up what I had installed in the PTP when I was running the Radeon (my PF3+ is better).

ATI RADEON PCI INITS, v1.1/v1.1.1:

ATI Displays 2.8.1/2.8.2
ATI Extension 2.8.1/2.8.2
ATI Graphics Accelerator 5.3.3/5.3.4
ATI Mac2TVȢ Monitor 2.8.1/2.8.2
ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator 6.1.6/6.2
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator 6.0.1/6.0.1
ATI Resource Manager 2.8.2/2.8.3
ATI ROM Xtender 1.0.1/1.0.3
ATI Video Accelerator 4.6.9/4.6.9
ATI Video Digitizer 4.3.2/4.3.3

OpenGL 1.2.1 installed by v1.1/v1.1.1:

OpenGLEngine 1.2.1/1.2.1
OpenGLLibrary 1.2.1/1.2.1
OpenGLMemory 1.2.1/1.2.1
OpenGLRenderer 1.2.1/1.2.1
OpenGLRendererATI 1.2.1/1.2.3 <- Note
OpenGLUtility 1.2.1/1.2.1

Last, numerous Apple video/monitor stuff (have no idea if this makes a difference):

All latest QuickTime stuff
All latest QuickDraw 3D stuff
System Monitor Plugins
Text Encoding Converter


08-02-2001, 11:31 AM
Hi Kaye well I've noticed I don't have ati rom Xtender, I've now got the full version of unreal tournament. and I got carmageddon 2. carma had an ati installer just for carma and a universal installer. ran the carma one fine but the universal one can't find any ati hardware......I am able to run UT it actually finds a hardward accelerator however it is extremely poor! and gives regular frame rates of 9fps!!! seems to me the cards a dud. either that or it still requires an extension!! where can I get rom xtender?

08-02-2001, 12:32 PM
You can get the full installer for 1.1.1 on our ftp site in the ati_stuff folder or off of the ATI site. I would let the installer do a full install just to be sure everything gets installed and the latest versions. k

08-02-2001, 05:31 PM
Ki Kaye

I hae already tried that twice. even unistalled then installed again. still no luck. But will try again

08-02-2001, 06:28 PM
HI kaye. Still no luck.....Went into unreal and checked the hardware stats in the console it registers 32Mb video ram..

trying ATI but they seem to take an age...

08-03-2001, 12:40 AM
I just noticed it, how come you are still running OS9.0? Updating to 9.0.4 may solve the problem, tho the Radeon should run 9.0. I only tried it on 9.0.4 and maybe 9.1. k

08-06-2001, 05:17 AM
Hi Kaye. I have got the radeon running! read the ati site and the bottom bolt fixing on the radeon has to come out to fit in my machine! Anyway I'm still only getting 20/26 fps. can get 50 when on startup. norton doesn't seem to recognize it. I have 2 identical machines one with a voodoo 3 and one with the radeon and the vooodoo seems to whip ass! thought the radeon ruled?? anyway will zap vram and see if it improves!
cheers for your help.

08-06-2001, 09:24 AM
Well I'll be. Good catch. I see it now on the ATI FAQ here http://www.ati.com/na/pages/faq/mac/radeon_mac_faq.html

What it sez:

Q20: What are the details regarding incompatibility between legacy system/monitor configurations and RADEONȢ MAC EDITION PCI?

A 20:
Some combinations of older(greater than 5 years) AppleČĂ computers and monitors are incompatible with RADEONȢ MAC EDITION PCI. There are two types of compatibility issues: Chassis Design and AppleČĂ Sense Support.

Chassis Design
AppleČĂ 9500 and AppleČĂ 8500 are built in a way which requires one of the nuts on the RADEONȢ MAC EDITION PCI bracket be removed, in order for the graphics board to be inserted into the PCI slot. Once installed, the VGA port is inaccessible (due to chassis design) but still functional. Only the DVI connector is easily accessible on these AppleČĂ computer models. If the user wishes to use the VGA port, it is possible for the user to modify his/her case in a way, so there would be sufficient clearance for a monitor cable to connect to the VGA port of the ATI card. Customers with these systems should contact ATI at support@ati.com to receive a DVI-to-VGA connector at no cost.

AppleČĂ 7200 and AppleČĂ 7500 also require the removal of one of the nuts on the RADEONȢ MAC EDITION PCI bracket in order for the graphics board to be inserted into the computer's PCI slot. Unlike the systems noted above, the VGA connector is accessible on these machines.

AppleČĂ Sense Support
Combinations of the computers and monitors within this table are not supported by RADEONȢ MAC EDITION PCI

AppleČĂ 9500
AppleČĂ 8500

- 12" monochrome & VGA
- 13" composite
- 15" portrait
- 16", 17" & 20" Apple Multiscan
- 21" color & monochrome
- 17" 1705

I suppose there are others too. k

08-07-2001, 12:18 PM
Hi Kaye

after seating the card propely all my resolutions have disappeared. I used to get loads now it can only go upto 1024x 768 got any ideas. I still don't think it's running right. fps is too low