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06-06-2001, 11:57 AM
Hey Magician, I don't know if you still have one of your XClaim VR 128's installed in Beast, but did you ever try to do a screen capture of the XClaim TV Viewer when the window was sized to double-size?

It wouldn't work with me. First I tried the actual screen capture command in the TV Viewer's menu. It gave me an error that said "Not enough memory for that operation". Didn't matter how much memory I had set to the app. Then I tried just using the built-in screen cap command, CMD-shift-3, but the resulting picture was just full of a weird off-black.

If I did a CMD-shift-3 screen grab of a normal-size window it worked, as did the TV Viewer's built-in screen grab command. The problem was only with the double-size window.

Also, when I drag the double-size window onto my other monitor, the one not being driven by the VR 128, the window was filled with that weird off-black. Size it down to normal size and the video came through just fine.

In fact, one REALLY weird thing that happened was, when I went to go look at one of the screen grabs in SimpleText, the window that popped up (filled with the weird off-black) overlapped the TV Viewer's window (in the background) slightly. Wherever it overlapped, the TV image was coming through in full motion, right in the SimpleText document! Once I closed the TV Viewer app, or hid it, the image stopped coming through in SimpleText.

Weird huh?

06-08-2001, 08:53 AM
Yo, magician , you still there...?

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06-08-2001, 04:13 PM
yeah, I'm here. Just kinda buried over my head right now.

the thing about the 128VR is that it works best, by far, when you keep the window on the same display running off the card. Obviously, if it's your only video card, this never arises as an issue. If you have multiple displays, you need to ensure that the Rage 128VR is running your primary display, and you need to make sure that the video window is on that main display.