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04-19-2001, 10:23 AM
When I installed my new Radeon board, I noticed that the Umax S900 might use AGP video adapter. Is this true? Does the S900 use either AGP or PCI in Slot A1? It certain can accominate more since the slot is not a normal PCI!
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04-19-2001, 10:57 AM
NO! Do not plug an AGP into a PCI or vice versa. They are entirely different cards with entirely different pinouts. No Mac prior to the AGP series new-world machines a has an AGP slot. Whomever told you that it can support AGP is off their rocker. The slot is designed to use a proprietary card that combined Fast Ethernet and UltraSCSI on one card. I think someone else can elaborate more, but that is the basics of it.

04-19-2001, 12:18 PM
Exactly Doggy. That Slot A1 is designed for PCI not AGP. It does have an inline double slot, the normal PCI slot and a short inline slot for Ethernet100 if the Umax E100 combo card is in the slot. The E100 combines JackHammer UW and Ethernet 100 capabilities.

No AGP on the Umax. k

05-06-2001, 10:19 AM
I do not think its physically possible to put an AGP card into a PCI slot - even the special slot #1 in the S900/J700.

Both the RADEON PCI and the V5 are FINE pci VIDEO cards. They are probably going to bet the best card for 3D for PCI from now on. The V5 AGP vs. PCI is almost exactly the same - from all the PC tests I've seen. This is probably because the V5 uses a PCI bridge (or something like that) to feed both the GPU's. I think the V5 does get about 10% better from a fast PCI bus (66Mhz vs. 33Mhz), but its not a big deal.

The RADEON AGP is better than the PCI version from the tests I've seen. I assume the PCI bus is starting to bottleneck the card. The bandwidth on the RADEON and V5 is about the same, but the RADEON can take AGP can take FULL ADAVANTAGE of the AGP bus. It also has HYPER-Z that can increase its effective bandwidth. The cool thing about the RADEON is its really designed for highbandwidth, 32bit, 3 textures per pass 3D video. They annoying thing is it takes ATI so long to make good drivers.

The Sawtooth's (PC100/G4) were the first Macs to use AGP. Previously the Yosemite (PC100/G3) has a 66Mhz/32bit PCI slot that was mainly used for video. This 2X PCI slot in the Yosemite has the SAME BANDWIDTH as an AGP 1x slot, but lacks some of the features, which as far as I know are not really used anyway. PCI is much more versatile than AGP in that you can have several PCI slots, but only ONE Advanced Graphics Port per computer. From what I understand you can not even add an additional AGP controller - (like you can for PCI). The limit of PCI is bandwidth and today's high end graphics cards running on 500Mhz+ CPU's with PC133 can really use AGP 4X for high end 3D or games. There are also some 2D cards that may need AGP because they support multiple monitors and multiple monitors in 3D.

Your S900 with say 500Mhz G3 will most likely bottleneck the RADEON PCI more that it would be in say a Yosemite G3/500, but its still a great system.

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