View Full Version : ATI RADEON issue or QT issue?

05-06-2001, 10:05 AM
I just noticed that playing 'any' MPEG video on my RADEON PCI causes distortion in the imagine - like the monitor is out of sync - but its ONLY in the QT Player window. I tried the Unrealtechdemo.mpg and Phantom Menace - both have the same issues.

My RAGE128VR and V5 - on a PTPROG3/9.1 do not have this issue.
My V3/3K - on a YOSEMITE G3/9.1 does not have this issue.
The RADEON is on the YOSEMITE and both have QT PRO 4.1.2 - so its seem the RADEON drivers/card is the issue. It plays everything else fine. I can export to the QT (mov) format or avi format, but of course the sound does not get exported. Also the quality is not quite as good as the original MPEG.

One other follow question: Is there anyway to export BOTH the video and audio of an MPEG track?

any ideas?