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02-18-2001, 04:41 AM
Just got my Radeon friday and installed it, tried to watch a dvd movie and turns out apple dvd is incompatable with this card, does anybody have any idea how to get dvd playback on this card with out spending more money??

02-18-2001, 12:05 PM
Are you sure about that? I looked at a couple of sources: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/Graphics/Radeon_AGP_Retail/index5.html and http://www.ati.com/na/pages/faq/mac/radeon_mac_faq.html particularly Q14. You do need Apple DVD Player 2.2. I don't have DVD on my PTP which I tried the RadeonPCI in. I'm also wondering what you are using for a DVD driver, CD/DVD SpeedTools? http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/showrampage.cgi?intechsoftware.html Getting in way over my head here. k

02-18-2001, 05:18 PM
me, too. I am not yet ready to definitively comment on this issue.

02-21-2001, 06:00 PM
I installed the radeon PCI in my B/W G3 its in the 66mhz slot....... It had the rage 128 w/dvd hardware play back........ I downloaded apple dvd player 2.2 and would not install...... got a massage that said it was not compatible with my hardware....... any suggestions??

02-21-2001, 06:17 PM
reinstall the Rage 128, then install the new sw. Once that is done, reinstall the Radeon. My guess is that it still won't work, but it's worth the try, and you can confirm it for us all here one way or the other.

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02-21-2001, 08:00 PM
And take a look at this http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n30887 and I see now that it is not compatible with your Mac http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n26201

I think you will need to search the TIL for the software that matches your hardware and OS. k

02-21-2001, 10:29 PM

Here is why you should visit the TILs. I think I found three different B/W G3 machines, each DVD with different software requirements for each OS version. I don't have such a machine and one of the TILs described which version of ASP to use to find out which B/W G3 you have. Just too complicated for me to do the homework, especially since you probably know. k

02-25-2001, 05:22 AM
If you are interested in selling the pulled 128 card, I want to buy.


02-25-2001, 06:11 AM
sorry batmantis... i put the 128 into my 9500.....

thanks guys ill put the 128 back and try to reinstall..... ill let you know today or maybe monday


02-25-2001, 08:07 AM
FIXED!!!!!!!! Here is all I did:

first i reinstalled my Radeon drivers 1.1.1, then i downloaded apple dvd 2.2..... tried to launch and got an error saying not compatable w/hardware..... got to looking on xlr8yourmac.com and found a link where i could patch apple dvd 2.2 and make it work... so i tried it and it worked!!!! watch the first 5 minutes of scary movie to make sure it worked.... quality is great....

here's the address for that 2.2 patch:

thanks for the help


02-25-2001, 08:50 PM

That is good to know. Thanks for sharing your solution. k

02-26-2001, 09:54 PM
how about the dvd decoder daughter card? can you part with that? i think i can find a decently priced 128, but never with the decoder.

02-28-2001, 10:37 AM
I'm curious to know why you are installing a Radeon PCI in a Blue&White G3. Doesn't the AGP RAdeon work in the B&W?

02-28-2001, 01:20 PM
There's no AGP slot in a B&W.

03-12-2001, 08:58 PM
And I'm almost positive that the only card that you can put the DVD daughtercard onto is the Apple OEM one. It's my understanding that the retail ones don't have a socket for it.

03-14-2001, 02:33 PM
Sorry to bring the thread back to life, but I have a question about the PCI Radeon. I went to check out the logic board diagrams and I was wondering:

Does the Radeon fit in one of the three PCI slots or does it go in the Monitor Card slot?


03-14-2001, 10:02 PM
The Radeon comes in both PCI and AGP configurations. You need a relativly new G4 to find an AGP slot. What's a Monitor Card Slot? What machine are you dealing with?

03-15-2001, 04:57 AM
right. Radeon comes in PCI and AGP flavors. Most Power Macs since, what, 1995? have PCI slots. So you can use a PCI Radeon in most Power Macs later than the 6100, 7100, or 8100, iMac excluded. Only very recent Sawtooth G4 have AGP slots.

03-15-2001, 08:15 AM

I'm dealing with a Yosemite (B&W). I already knew I'd need a PCI Radeon, though.

The Monitor Card slot is, according to your blueprint (http://www.macgurus.com/beta/mbppcg3bw.html), the slot at the right of the three PCI slots.

Is that where the Radeon goes? or does it need one of the main slots?


03-15-2001, 08:34 AM
i see the monitor card slot you are referring to. i have no idea what it is (but am curious if anyone wants to fill me in). but to answer your question, it goes in one of the 3 pci slots. prboably it would be best to put in the slot where the rage 128 pci card slot is. i think the bandwith and/or speed of the slot is different than the other two. cant remember which are 33vs66 mhz and 32vs64bit. or maybe they are all the same and im just losing it.

03-15-2001, 09:23 AM

It's more or less a moot point then, since I'd have to buy an expansion chassis to use a Radeon (or any other card, for that matter). I've already used up all my slots.

Maybe that EasiExpansion T35 later this year...

03-15-2001, 06:05 PM
You sure that's not an AGP slot? I could have sworn that the B&W G3 400 at work had an AGP rage 128... I tried to make an innocent switch until I realized that it was AGP...

Louie, not to second guess you but I'm just thinking back in my experience and the logic diagram. There were two B/W's after the Beige right? Yose and Sawtooth. Which came first and what speeds were available?

Maybe that will sort out our questions.

Red, in you machine, is there a slot above the PCI's? and are you the original owner?

If it is AGP then you have another slot to play with for the Radeon, but you'd have to return the PCI and get an AGP version.


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03-15-2001, 11:39 PM
ehh? sawtooth blue and white? i dont think so. all the b&w were g3s. the first g4, yikes, had a yose mobo as well, because the sawtoothe wasnt ready in time (hence the name yikes). apple documents refer to the yikes g4 as

PowerMac G4 (PCI Graphics)

and the first sawtooth as

PowerMac G4 (AGP Graphics)

and the most recent edition as

PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio)

so i cant imagine any b&w era mac running an agp graphics unless it was an internal prototype. the rage 128 in my beige g3 was pulled from a b&w and i can guarantee I dont have an AGP slot.

03-16-2001, 05:27 AM

G3's, whether Blue and White Yosemite or beige G3 do not have AGP slots. They have PCI, 33MHz, 64-bit in Yose, and 33MHz, 32-bit in beige G3, PCI 2.1, 5v, in both.

in Yosemite and Yikes, only, you also have a single 32-bit, 66Mhz 3.3v PCI slot which is used for the ATI Rage 128 video card. That is the only card Apple included in that slot. Many third-party cards ARE compatible with that slot. Just read the fine-print.

in Sawtooth, you have AGP. Only Sawtooth has AGP.

hope this helps.


03-18-2001, 03:18 PM
There was an easier way for me to check this after all...

The Profiler says it's a PCI slot.... :P