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01-26-2001, 06:02 PM
I have been trying to install this ixTV ixmicro card in my 7300 and found that I didn't have enough cable length, due to a connector being missing that would connect 2 cables together. Now I did notice that right behind the PCI cards to the left of motherboard is a connector that looks exactly like the connector where the CD rom's cable was was connected to; the location where the CD cable was connected to the motherboard was to the right middle edge of motherboard facing the front of the computer.

So I wondered if the other connector which looks identical near the PCI cards can also be used. ARe they both for audio connection? And whether both can be used at the same time. As I also had another problem because I have a DOS card in there but decided to take it out. Using that other connector behind the PCI cards would solve one problem but I would need a splitter to be able to connect the cable from the DOS card and the TV card to the CD rom. I don't know if such a splitter is sold or whether it is feasible to do so. thank you

01-26-2001, 06:19 PM

There's a long thread about this that I started last summer. I'll try to find and post a link.

The way the ixTV card works as far as audio goes is like this: run a CD audio cable from the CD player to the "input", 4-prong, connector on the ixTV card; then run a second audio cable from the "output", 4-prong connector on the ixTV card to the logic board audio connection. The ixTV card becomes a "pass-thru" circuit for the CD sound and the TV sound goes straight from the ixTV card to the logic board. Don't try both sound sources at once! Your regular Apple audio cables should be long enough, but you need two. If you need longer ones, Apple had some long, flat, translucent white ones back about pizza box days.