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01-19-2001, 05:31 PM
I recently purchased a 8100 Power Mac to replace my old Mac II.
I have a 21" RasterOps color monitor that requires a video card.
I'm guessing that the VC port configuration
between the MacII and 8100 are totally incompatible...

Is there a video card for this May-December marriage?
I hate giving up a perfectly good 21" Monitor.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.



01-19-2001, 06:00 PM

This may seem a little complicated but it depends on what kind of reolutions you want and number of colors. First, look at this diagram http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/obj_show_page.cgi?mbppc8100.html and it shows along the left side the HDI-Video port which is really a DRAM Video Monitor Port. This port uses a portion of your regular RAM but I am not even sure it will work with a 21" monitor. If it will, you will get 640x480x256 colors at best I would guess. Plus if your monitor connector is VGA, you will need an adapter.

Second, look at the diagram again along the bottom, it says 601 PDS. If there is a large card in there with a port on the back side of the computer, it is called an HPV (High Performance Video) card. This can be a good video card and comes in three flavors, AV with 2MB VRAM, HPV with 2MB VRAM, HPV with 4MB VRAM (the 8100 normally shipped with this one unless your 8100 is an AV version in which case it shipped with the AV with 2MB VRAM card. Course by now who knows what is in there if anything. If there is a very small card in there, it is a PDS terminator card. Some card should be in there for proper motherboard termination.

The HPV 2MB will give 1152x870@Thousands on a 21" monitor.
The HPV 4MB will give 1152x870@Millions on a 21" monitor.

If you have no video card, then you need one of the above PDS slot video cards HPV or AV, or a NuBus video card. Nobody makes them anymore. Ebay is your best hope though someone may be selling one in the For Sale forum. My preference is the Radius Thunder IV GX*1600 which will give you up to 1600x1200@Millions on a 21" monitor (don't even consider the Thunder II series). Best, IMO, NuBus video card ever made. Another solid performer, Villagetronic MacPicasso 340.

Questions? k

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