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12-15-2000, 07:56 PM
This from Mike Breeden's site:

3dfx to Sell to NVIDIA and Dissolve business is the title of this press release at Yahoo. There's also another one titled NVIDIA To Acquire 3dfx Core Graphics Assets . The press releases indicate 3dfx will sell their "core business" including technology, company and product brands and other assets and that the 3dfx board of directors has recommended the dissolution of the company over the next few months.

I wonder is there will still be drivers for the V5 or if NVIDIA will fold the voodoo chip set into their technology, producing something unbelievably good.

This happens to me every time a buy a video card. Within months the company goes out of business. My two V5s would make for some expensive paper weights. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

Mag, don't start!


12-15-2000, 08:23 PM
This must be a shotgun wedding. They've suing each other lately over who's stealing technology from who.

12-15-2000, 08:28 PM
Darin, I strongly doubt this would have even occurred if you had not purchased those video cards.


this is HUGE.

12-15-2000, 08:55 PM
DANG. Hoping for the best; fearing for the worst----another day in Macworld.

12-15-2000, 09:28 PM
Must have been me and the S900. Purchased an out of business 3dfx V5 to replace an out of business ixMicro Ult Rez into an out of business S900. Should I pull the Miles2 and Miles and Seagates before something else happens?

No regrets, V5 a great card. k

12-15-2000, 09:52 PM
Quick Kaye! Pull them now!

12-15-2000, 11:14 PM
Shutting down, Louie, but leave the Newer card in, right? k

12-15-2000, 11:58 PM
I gotta wonder what this means. The markey for good cheap cards is already non-existant for the mac. The Voodoo3 was the last of that category.

Mad Dog

12-16-2000, 12:22 AM

That Newer card is what jinxed all those other dead-end products you have in there.

12-17-2000, 03:22 AM
Okay... I had a great idea... I called the president of NVIDIA and congratulated him on the 3Dfx deal. I then pre=ordered five of their first Mac video card. When it was explained to me that no such card has been announced, I told them to just hold my credit card info and mine me the first orders.

I figure by this tactic, NVIDIA should be reporting chapter 11 by the summer. I figure if I'm gonna suck anyway, I might as well be sort of the sucko-superhero. Suckerman! I live in my fortress of suckitude, with all my orphaned equipment.


12-17-2000, 05:25 AM
darin, I was going to suggest that you purchase a NewerTech card immediately to finally push them over the edge, but I heard a rumor from a girl who's sister is sleeping with a guy who swings both ways and lives with a transvestite who has it on good authority from a source in the Wichita power company that Newer's law firm is interceding with the local phone company because Newer is behind on its payments.

in other words, they're cooked. Can't say I haven't been hearing these rumors for the past two years, though.

maybe you should go out and buy a Newer board.


12-17-2000, 06:05 AM
this from MacNN (http://www.macnn.com/):

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Sources tell MacNN that Japanese upgrade and peripheral manufacturer Interware has closed its doors. Interware filed for bankruptcy on December 14th, according to reliable sources and has a note at its place of business "posted by lawyers [that] basically says, 'Stealing stuff from this office while bankruptcy proceedings are in place is a crime.'" Interware was the parent company of Vimage, a US company that stopped selling directly to consumers in favor of an OEM model. Interware's Website is available online and has drivers for the company's products.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

12-17-2000, 02:26 PM
Have you noticed how much more advertising Newer has been buying lately? Sometimes this is another indicator of a sinking ship.

Speaking of sunken ships; I installed an old Ultimate Rez in a 7300 and it v2 of ix3D s/w. All the weird, random, unpredictable colored artifacts appeared. When someone asks about what happened to ixMicro, aka IMS, I show them.

12-18-2000, 12:27 AM
Well, I just got my B-Day/X-mass gift - A V5-5500 card. Exactly what I wanted. FSAA is still the best on this card. I guess we will never see drivers for X or with HSR.

I think we were joking about this on XLR8yourmac - half joking. 3Dfx just won the suit against nVidia... and someone said it would probably be cheaper for nVidia to buy out 3Dfx.

ixMicro sure had issues - expensive old and slow cards.
interWARE/Vimage definately had some issue from what I hear.
3Dfx also had issues, but darn it, they have a good product. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

Have fun storming the castle!

12-30-2000, 02:28 AM
Update: Must have been me and the S900. Purchased an out of business 3dfx V5 to replace an out of business ixMicro Ult Rez into an out of business S900 with an out of business Newer G3 card. k

12-30-2000, 06:00 PM
damn, k....batting 100% there.


12-30-2000, 10:42 PM
Now if you could only jerry-rig an Intel P3/4 into your S900. That would the the LAST OF INTEL! http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Have fun storming the castle!

12-31-2000, 01:06 AM
Now that's an idea. Just throw it in, don't need to hook it up. k

12-31-2000, 12:22 PM
Now if you could only jerry-rig an Intel P3/4 into your S900. That would the the LAST OF INTEL!

Just get him a DOS card. Should be close enough for the deadly-touch-of-Kaye to take place !

Mad Dog

12-31-2000, 01:26 PM
Ok, I'll just lay my old NuBus Orange DOS card in there. BTW, I also have a Miles, Miles2, a cheetah, two X15s, an IBM 18LZX, Kenwood 52X, and SoftRAID in it. Louie said I should remove all that. But then it will only run on a floppy and can't do much with that, only 1K left for storage. k

12-31-2000, 01:38 PM
I second Louie's motion....maybe MadDog will stop by and install a custom dual floppy arrangement for you after he finishes adding in those PCI slots to his J700.

12-31-2000, 06:21 PM
Can he RAID those floppy drives for me? One is pretty slow. k

01-02-2001, 11:39 PM
Damn, he didn't tell you? MadDog's taking the slurpy dual-floppy drives from an old Mac II and making the J700 switch drives internally, kind of like that tape machine in Hackers. Rumor has it he is working on a way to fit a pipe organ in it, too. It would make the whole "boot chime" thing kind of passe, no?


01-08-2001, 03:24 PM
Well, chaos theory doesn't have to just involve the weather..think we found our butterfly. Put a copy of Windoze in too.

01-08-2001, 10:31 PM
Actually, MTRipper, I am turning the floppy RAID into a home defense system. I have the J700-floppy raid on a swivel pedestal with a motion detector. When it senses motion in the wee hours of the night it launches the floppies from the drive towards the crook. I _did_ modify the floppy drives to spit the floppies out at ~300 m/s. Blood everywhere !

Mad Dog