View Full Version : Anyone Try EverQuest for Mac yet?

05-26-2003, 06:50 PM
I used to play EQ a bit back when i owned a PC, but got fed up with the game and how so much greed in the game. So i was wondering if the mac version and people were just a bit better. Not that i will ever spend money on a EQ game again, just a bit curious about it.

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04-11-2004, 06:58 AM
I tried it.
And i did not like it.
It does not have a good gaming interface, if u are a newbie u start out really not understanding anything, if u have to spend your money i would consider buying Shadowbane or waiting for Blizzard to release WOW (World of warcraft) that is now in beta testing :-)

06-10-2004, 07:28 PM
old post but...
a friend of mine is playing Everquest (yes he an addict) from his Sony Playstation...networked and connected to his 48" TV...
I was amazed... but he needs a life :eek: