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06-18-2002, 02:08 AM

This is quite a bizarre scenario, so bear with me...

Kathe (the missus) got me Diablo II for my birthday, and we'd like to be able to "duke it out with the Devil" in unison, but we've hit a snag.

I installed everything fine on her PC, but the PC's CD-ROM drive DOES NOT recognize Blizzards' Play Disc.

So, I thought that if I made a copy of it (like I said, this is not for piracy purposes) might, it just might work.

However, I have tried twice now (on a CD-RW, since I have never attempted burning a Mac/Wintel CD-R before and don't want anymore Coasters... -could this be a problem in and of itself???) but to no avail.

As far as my stats go, I have a old Glyph (Ricoh 6200 series) CD-R/RW drive using Toast 3.5.4 (adaptec version, 3.5.7 and my Burner have issues, and so far, I haven't had any need to upgrade/date to Roxio), with a "very minimal" OS 9.1 extension set:
<UL TYPE=SQUARE>Control Panel:

Apple CD/DVD
Foreign File Access
Toast CD Reader
UDF Volume Access
XLR8 MSE[/list]

Would the "Macintosh File Exchange" and "Mac Easy Open" C.Panels do me any good??

Any thoughts, hints, words of wisdom....???


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06-18-2002, 11:49 AM

I hesitate to jump in, partly because your burner and Toast are old, partly because I leave all of any possible related extensions on, such as ISO 9660, and partly because so much of burning is a mystery to me.

That said, CD-RW does seem to have reading issues sometimes in other CD-ROM drives whether Mac or PC. I would try CDR.

Recently purchased MS Flight Simulator 2002 Pro Edition for my son to run on his PC. He is starting instruction with a Cessna 172 and wants practice. He and I both prefer to use copies of CDs rather than the originals for expensive applications. BTW, in your case, since the CD is hybrid, both Mac and PC, that is what you have to burn as. In my case, this was PC only, so I burned with Toast Titanium in two ways, as an experiment, both CDRs.

I tried Data Format first, it copied and verified in Toast. But his PC CD drive would not do the installation. I forget what it said exactly, but something about a file missing (probably a MS attempt to prevent copying). I also tried Copy Format which copied OK but failed the verification. However, the PC CD drive did the installation just fine and he tried it on another of his PCs, and again it worked just fine.

According to the Toast 5 manual, when you want to copy a hybrid CD, choose the Copy Format for playability on both Mac and Windows. Hope something here helps. k

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07-27-2002, 02:43 PM
Hi, I doubt this will be of much help, but I believe as far as burning goes, a friend told me Blizzard has some kind of protection so you cant copy. I burned one coaster on my girlfriends pc attempting to do it myself. My friend said he did have success burning a copy of it at work using a G3 running 8.6, external Lacie burner and I dont know the version of toast sorry. He told me the old software didnt recognize the copy protection, I dont know. All I know for sure is when trying play the game after a successful installation on my girlfriends pc, it wouldnt play for me either. Make sure you are using the latest drivers for you video card, I cant remember for sure, I think Diablo2 also requires ActiveX v8, check your sound card driver too, they gave me trouble on my girlfriends pc. In order for you and the mrs. to duke it out online simultaniously, you will need two different copies of the game, or make certain hacks(not recommended). Hope some of that helps

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06-04-2006, 06:18 PM
I also tried Copy Format which copied OK but failed the verification. However, the PC CD drive did the installation just fine and he tried it on another of his PCs, and again it worked just fine. Same here. Old 7500/G3//400 old Sony external CDRW Drive and Toast 5. 1/2

Don't know about copy right issues/protection.