View Full Version : Adding new boot drive to a B&W

02-10-2003, 01:35 AM
I would like to ask for some guidance in regard to a boot drive upgrade choice.

I would like to add a new boot drive to a Blue and White / Revision 2 / 400 MHz / 256 MB / stock 16 MB video card Mac currently with an Adaptec 2940-U2B SCSI ("80 MB/sec") card and a 9GB ultra-wide SCSI hard drive on board. Reason for a new hard drive - I dunno where the prior one has been / I would like to start fresh. Options I am considering:

(1) A current generation (third?) 15,000 RPM 18.x GB Seagate Cheetah 15.3 fluid-bearing SCSI-xyz (I forget which SCSI) hard drive. I dunno whether or not that is overkill for a B&W or if that will be a reasonable match. I figure this drive should be a good upgrade for a future machine, quieter and faster than the 10,000 RPM Seagate models (no fluid bearings)- outlasting the usefulness of the B&W, itself, good for future upgrades.

If I go this route, will the current SCSI card be OK? Will I need to replace the current cable/terminator with Granite products?

Any thoughts as to the reliability/longevity of this drive?


(2) A current model 7200 RPM Maxtor fluid-bearing 80 GB 8 MB cache 133 ATA hard drive.

If I go this route, would it be worth putting in a 133 (whatever) IDE PCI card? I understand that such a card comes with the retail box Maxtor hard drive box (a rebadged Promise card), but I dunno whether or not that card will work in a Mac or if it is PC only.

Any thoughts as to the reliability/longevity of this drive?

(3) Does it matter which PCI slot such cards go in?

(4) Does MacGurus currently have a retail web site? If so, how do I get there? I can't seem to find it - only the "under construction" page.

(5) Which MacOS should I use with all this - 8.6, 9.1. or 9.2.2? (No plans for MacOS X on this machine).

Thank you,