Store Policies

The Bottom Line: We Will Always Strive to Do the Right Thing.

As those of you who have already done business with us know, we stand behind our merchandise and our services.

  1. If you are not 100% sure which products you need, feel free to email us for assistance. Or, even better, for more in-depth help, use our Technical Forums before placing your order! There are plenty of experts lurking out there just waiting to help people tweak their machines, so please use them! They LIKE it! Lets face it, it costs you and us time and money to ship products back and forth, so lets just get it right the first time. Please be aware that if you DO choose to return your product, it must be returned unopened and within the first 5 days after receiving your order. We will charge a restocking fee based on 15% of the total transaction amount of the product. And shipping charges will not be refunded.
  2. A note about shipping.
    • We make every effort to ship orders the same day that they are received, as long as they are placed prior to 3pm Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday. Many of our products are build-to-order, so we need extra time to build them before the freight carrier picks up for the day.
    • We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
    • Drop shipped items may take an additional day to ship.
    • If for some reason, there is a delay in shipment, we will notify you immediately via email. If you are in a hurry and absolutely MUST have your order shipped, please contact us either by phone or email and we will do everything possible to satisfy your need.
    • Our main warehousing facility is in Monument Colorado. Most shipments will originate from there.

    Tracking information for your order usually is available one or two days after the item ships. We offer real-time tracking of packages directly from our website.

    International orders are shipped Fedex International Priority or UPS Worldwide Express. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any additional taxes, duties and fees associated with the shipment. These fees are billed directly to you, the customer. MacGurus is not responsible for these fees. International orders are consolidated at our warehouse before shipping. The actual ship date will depend on the availability of all items in the order.

    Attention Canadian Customers!

    Shipments originating from the US to Canada are subject to Customs Duties and fees as well as Broker Charges. MacGurus does NOT pay these Customs or brokerage fees for shipments to any country. These fees must be paid by the purchaser. In the case of ground shipments, these fees often are not collected at delivery but WILL BE charged at a later date, sometimes months later. In order to better service our customers we only ship to Canada via Express (air) service, since the brokerage services are provided by the carrier. If you have named an alternate broker, then you will still be subject to fees by that broker. Many of our products ship free of duties, however you may still be subject to duties as determined by Canadian Customs. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to some of our customers but we have no control of Canadian Customs, brokerage laws or the policies of our shippers.

    We ship to APO and FPO addresses via U.S. Postal Services (USPS) Priority Mail. Simply choose Armed Forces Americas(AA), Armed Forces Europe(AE), or Armed Forces Pacific(AP) in the ship-to state code field, and put APO or FPO in the ship-to city field. Please Note: There may be 1-2 business day delay in shipping by USPS method since we have to physically drop off the packages at a Postal Office. The delivery time by USPS to APO/FPO addresses vary and it is out of our control. Sometimes it takes a very long time. We occasionally although rarely experience package lost by USPS. Overall, USPS does a great job delivering packages. However, when a package IS lost, it will take months to process a claim through them. Fair warning!

    Your credit card account is charged ONLY when the order is ready to ship.

  3. A word (or two) about returns and exchanges:

    Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped. If merchandise is defective or damaged upon receipt please contact us immediately after your package arrives for a return authorization number. We are happy to help with any tech support issues and or defective parts. Our tech support staff can, in most cases, resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. So if a replacement part is needed, our tech support will issue an RMA with instructions for returning the item and shipping a new one to you. All claims MUST be made within 5 days of receipt of order. After 5 days, the manufacturer's warranty will apply.

    We offer two methods of exchange in the event that you are in need of a warranty replacement. We try to be as easy going as possible and keep the BS to a minimum. Most of the procedure is set up so we can swap out parts in a timely fashion with least cost and inconvenience to you. In all cases the customer is responsible for safely packaging, insuring and shipping return parts back to our warehouse. We will inspect all return parts for completeness, physical damage and proper use.

    The two methods available for replacement are:

    1) Return the item to the address specified on the RMA email you receive from us. Upon receipt at our warehouse, we will inspect the component or part and ship the replacement part via Ground service to you.

    2) (the fast way) As instructed by the RMA email, place an order online for the replacement part and type the RMA number in the appropriate field during checkout. Once the order is placed, you'll have 21 days to return the defective item to us. If we receive the return within 21 days, we will inspect the parts and no charges will be applied to your credit card for the advance ship order and cost of ground shipping of the part out to you. If we receive the return after 21 days your credit card will be billed and subsequently have to be refunded - freight will not be reimbursed and a 4% fee will be deducted from the product return to cover costs.

    Note: MacGurus will cover the cost of Ground service for warranty replacement shipments out to you. If you need the item faster, the additional freight costs will be charged to you.

    Please note that we do NOT accept returns at our Idaho Sales office. Since we ship from multiple locations, you must request an RMA number from our support staff and follow the return instructions that you will receive via email. Any returns received at our Idaho office must be forwarded to the appropriate warehouse for processing. This will cause delays in processing credits to your account and any freight forwarding fees will be deducted from any credit due to you.

    All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number granted by us, all returned items must be in the same condition they were delivered in, and they must be complete, in original packaging. If you decide to keep that cool manual, or those original installer disks, or whatever, we will not be amused, nor will we process your refund.

    If you simply do not like the product, request an RMA via email. We will send you instructions for returning the product. A restock fee will apply.

    If you wish to return hard copy boxed software to us, the seal on the software (with the licensing agreement) cannot be broken. If you open the software envelope, you now own the software in question, and no returns can be processed by MacGurus. If you simply open the box, and return the complete contents, including a still-sealed software envelope, we will cheerfully and promptly process a return or exchange.

    Under no circumstances will any refunds be considered for software delivered electronically. Since it is impossible to return bits and bytes, guaranteeing that all code has been removed from your systems, buying electronically delivered software is equivalent to owning it. We regret this policy, but we strictly support the right of software developers to be honestly compensated for their labor, and we feel no mercy towards folks who engage in software piracy. We strongly advise that you research your software purchase in detail to ensure that you are purchasing what you actually need. Please, feel free to consult with us if you are in doubt. We are fascists where electronic software refunds are concerned, so please consider yourself warned.

  4. The Golden Rule

    If you strike us as someone who is picky, difficult to please, or just plain unreasonable, do not be surprised if we treat you with some antipathy. We are humans under great stress, and respond best to reason, patience, and clearly communicated desire. Practicing the The Golden Rule, and treating us as you would like us to treat you, will probably work best.

    You may always take your gripe to either the CFO or the President, with the reasonable expectation that they will resolve any problem expeditiously, and fairly, in the highest solomonic tradition. If you are a butthead, however, be forewarned that they will probably blow you off without mercy, and fight you in the court of public opinion, or before any Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau in the land. If we are right, and try in good faith to Do The Right Thing, we will not reward you for intransigence, or larceny.

    Conversely, if we are in the wrong, we will step up and take responsibility for our actions, and make whatever restitution or remedy is appropriate, subject to the approval of our attorney. You can expect that we will act responsibly and deal in good faith. We would like to ask that you do so, as well.

    Note that MacGurus does not provide price protection! We operate in an extremely competitive high-tech marketplace, and the price trend on many items is generally downward. You can assume that today's cool, "must-have" items will be cheaper next month, and you can also assume that there will be something better, faster, and even more essential available right after you receive your new hardware. We would like to gently point out that we are not party to any conspiracy here--it's the nature of the high-tech marketplace. MacGurus works with extremely slim margins, offers only the best in hardware, and seeks volume sales. It's a different approach to business, and one that often yields genuine benefits to savvy consumers. It is possible to get bitten, however, when prices fall, and there's little that MacGurus or any other vendor can do about it. Note that MacGurus will not presume to charge you more after a sale when prices rise, as has been the case recently with certain memory products. We would also like to point out that your credit card company may provide price protection in the event of price drops.

    Note that MacGurus will not be bullied into honoring unreasonable deals, particularly if they are due to an honest miscommunication, or an erroneous price listed on our website. We would like to gently stress that we are human, and if we mistakenly quote you an incorrect price on the phone or in email, you can assume that it was due to a sincere error, rather than a bald attempt to cheat you.

    While mistakes are rare, and MacGurus has yet to encounter a situation where a customer or erstwhile customer sincerely accused us of deception, we have posted incorrect prices on our website on a couple of occasions over the past several years. If you are in doubt about a price, or specifications, or compatibility issues, by all means, take a couple of moments and email a support engineer for clarification. We're typically pretty fast with email replies. It helps if you keep your emails short and sweet. Long, complex emails may be put aside until a time when the chaos abates here at Hardware Heaven. Short emails are typically handled immediately.

    The bottom line is that MacGurus is run by honest, sincere Macintosh people. You can assume that we will be as fair as we possibly can be, with the proviso that we are a business, and need to keep the lights on. We would like to emphasize one more time: if you feel that you have not been treated fairly by any of us, please let the CFO or the President know.

    Finally, we would like to candidly mention that you are more likely to receive a lenient resolution to any dilemma if you are calm, reasoned, and open-minded. We are a business, and we are motivated to rapidly resolve customer dissatisfaction issues quickly and positively. If you blindly accuse us of fraud, "bait-and-switch" tactics, or of dealing in bad faith, however, you can expect to be dismissed in a polite, but expeditious manner. We do business honestly, with as much integrity as we can muster on a daily basis. We're not perfect, but we are utterly sincere. We may not respond well to angry people who impugn our integrity. Be nice to us: it'll work better for everyone concerned.

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