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3.5" SATA Drives

satadrives - 3.5" SATA Drives

 3.5 inch SATAIII drives
2.5 inch laptop drives here...

 Please Note: Drive Availability and Pricing is Extremely Volatile and can change in hours or even Minutes. Please Email or call us at 208-983-9999 so we can check current pricing for you.

  MacGurus is carrying a great performing selection of SATA hard drives. All of our manufacturers have something of a following from the Mac community, rightly so since the manufacturing processes give reliability, low noise and low operating temperatures fairly evenly with all of them. We are very particular as to which models we sell. We only offer those drives which both pass extensive compatibility and reliability testing in MacGurus' test lab, but which also have a low incidence of failures by the much greater realm of general computer using public. Any drive that shows a high failure or compatibility issue rate is not going to be offered here. We are selective in what we offer so you get the best drive possible for your needs.


    Seagate Desktop Drives

 Seagate BarraCuda New for late 2016. Seagate is replacing the long lived 7200.14 and 7200.15 drives with a return to the BarraCuda name. These drives all carry a 2 year warranty instead of the seemingly random number of months of warranty coverage we saw since 2011. These new model drives all have standard 64GB of cache and are blazing fast - between 180 and 210 MB/sec. This is the right drive for most any storage need.

 Seagate 6TB and larger drives. Note! these drives have 6 platters which physically forces change to the screw layout for mounting! Many drive mounting systems cannot use these drives. Burlys with older (over 2 years old) Standard or LCD bays will align only 2 screws for mounting the drives. Maybe plenty for short term use but our opinion is not enough for long term and updated trays should be purchased. Burlys with Trayless bays and 6Bay with skeleton trays work perfectly. 6TB drives will not mount in stock MacPro internal drive trays.


    Toshiba Enterprise Drives

 We are really pleased to offer the Toshiba Enterprise 3.5 inch SATA drive. This drive is a nearline enterprise drive that is based on Toshiba's acquisition of Hitachi's UltraStar technology and facilities. The UltraStar was the top rated drive for reliability and Toshiba has carried that forward into their production of this excellent model. This is a true 5 year drive with a warranty to match. If you need the reliability and long service of Enterprise drives these are a great choice. Warranty support note: Believe it or not, after 2 plus years of selling these drives had the first customer call with a drive failure. If you need warranty support on Toshiba drives, either call 877-689-4899 or go online to Toshiba US Warranty Support page here.


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The Gurus Certify These SATA Drives Seriously Rule

 Please Note: Drive Availability and Pricing is Extremely Volatile and can change in hours or even Minutes. Please Email or call us at 208-983-9999 so we can check current pricing for you.

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satadrives - 3.5" SATA Drives Selection

ST1000DM010 - Seagate BarraCuda 7200 RPM 1 TB Desktop Drive
ST2000DM008 - Seagate BarraCuda 7200 RPM 2 TB Desktop Drive
ST4000DM004 - Seagate BarraCuda 5400 RPM 4 TB Desktop Drive
MG08ADA400E - Toshiba 4T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG08ADA600E - Toshiba 6T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG08ADA800E - Toshiba 8T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG06ACA10TE - Toshiba 10T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG09ACA12TE - Toshiba 12T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG09ACA14TE - Toshiba 14T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG09ACA16TE - Toshiba 16T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG09ACA18TE - Toshiba 18T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG10ACA20TE - Toshiba 20T SATA Enterprise Drive
MG10AFA22TE - Toshiba 22T SATA Enterprise Drive
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