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iStoragePro 8 Bay Desktop 6G Mini-SAS Expander Enclosure

iT8SAE6G - iStoragePro 8 Bay Desktop 6G Mini-SAS Expander Enclosure

iStoragePro Logo iStoragePro IT8SAE6G

6G SAS 8 bay Tower Enclosure
for use with SAS or SATA Drives
              OVER 800 MB⁄s!

* SAS Expander Storage *

iT8  The iStoragePro iT8 SAE6G SAS Expander enclosures are state of the art SAS zoom zoom for your workstation. This unit is a tower-style enclosure sporting a smooth, modern design that complements any desktop workstation. Through the process of Daisy Chaining, you can connect up to 15 iT8SAE6G enclosures. The iStoragePro iT8SAE6G Desktop Enclosures are equipped with high performance 6G SAS expansion technology, designed with one Mini-SAS 8088 cable connection to a computer installed 6Gb⁄s SAS Controller. These enclosures also have two expansion ports to allow Daisy Chaining multiple enclosures off of a single SAS Card. This efficient SAS interface provides a cost effective solution without compromising performance or reliability.

  The SAE6G Enclosure connects to your computer's installed 6Gb⁄s SAS Controller with 1 Mini-SAS 8088 cable allowing up to 861 MB⁄s Reads and 940 MB⁄s Writes while configured as a RAID 5. (Performance depends on the specific SAS Card used) Storage expansion is easily accomplished by simply plugging in additional expander enclosures as needed. A single SAS card can manage up to 15 SAE6G 8 Bay enclosures.

  MacGurus recommends the Areca PCIe 1883x SAS Hardware RAID card for use with all SAS expander storage. You'll need a 6G to 12G cable if you plan to use this card. The Areca RAID controller ship with their world class MRAID management utility. The card is top of the line performance (1500MB/sec with large RAID volumes), easy to use and compatible with most modern operating systems including Mac OSX 10.4 through current and Windows 10, 8/Server2012/7/2008/Vista/Server 2003/XP. Perfect in your Server or high end workstation.

6GB SAS Logo Future proof Thunderbolt compatibility. These enclosures run off PCIe mounted RAID controllers. Areca has provided Thunderbolt drivers for their Enterprise class 1883 controller family. When you move your work to a new platform that has Thunderbolt instead of PCIe slots, we simply use a Thunderbolt to PCIe expansion adapter and continue use without need for reformatting and at the same extreme performance levels as enjoyed in a PCIe slot.

 Personal notes: iStoragePro makes one of the best engineered lineup of high end SAS enclosures available today. This is serious Enterprise Class gear, with a capital 'E'. They have superb functional drive trays, quiet cooling and great power supplies. They will last for years and years and are usually upgradable as newer interfaces inevitably replace older ones. As high end photo and video storage they cannot be beat   ~Rick

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The Gurus Certify This SAS RAID Seriously Rules

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iACBMIS02MUPG - 2 Meter 8088 cable upgrade

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