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Akitio Thunder2 Tbolt to PCIe Expansion Box

Thunder2-PCIe - Akitio Thunder2 Tbolt to PCIe Expansion Box
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  Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Expansion box is the perfect choice for connecting a PCIe card to your Thunderbolt port. Has 2 Thunderbolt ports so you can chain other devices.

 Suited for capture cards, eSATA host cards, SAS RAID cards and NIC cards.

   Note: PCIe cards must be Rev 2 PCIe AND have Thunderbolt aware drivers to be attached through Thunderbolt. This is a fairly limited list but includes most Areca RAID cards. Also we recommend the Lycom 6G 4 port eSATA card to run your port multiplier Burlys. Many high end Capture cards, Networking and Fiber cards are also compatible. Akitio has an incomplete compatibility list here.

Thunder2 open Thunder2 is compatible with
      - any Mac computer with a Thunderbolt port
      - any PCIe card up to 7.75" long
          that has Thunderbolt aware drivers
      - NOT Bootcamp compatible

  We recommend this adapter used with the Lycom SATAIII 4 Port eSATA card to attach your Burly port multiplier storage. The Lycom card has four 6Gb eSATA ports and supports up to 4 port multipliers with up to 20 drives. Performance is in the neighborhood of 400 MB/sec per port up to around 1 GB/sec of simultaneous bandwidth. With this card no driver upkeep is required as the card runs on built in system drivers. A fantastic method to attach your Burly port multiplier enclosure to your Thunderbolt Mac. This expansion box also works with Areca Thunderbolt capable RAID cards.


  Personal observations: A well made aluminum enclosure that should last years. Capable of high performance, the max throughput is over 1300 MB/sec, which is what most high end RAID cards can deliver over a Thunderbolt 2 bus. The cooling fan is nothing special - as soon as the unit powers up you can hear the fan moving air. It is not annoyingly loud to me, but some users who need silent will want to swap the fan to a high end quieter fan. Inserting a card into the slot the first time is a bit uncomfortable. The slot is very tight making me feel like I'm not lined up right. After the first time the slot is easier to get cards to slide into. Problem mostly solved.

  Something to keep in mind, like all Thunderbolt expansion boxes running eSATA host cards, you probably will have to either turn off computer sleep (which is how I always set things, I don't allow drives to ever spin down) or use an application like Jettison to dismount drives before sleeping your computer. In our testing at least 25% of the time on waking the drives would be dismounted resulting in the system nagging you on dismounting drives. It is safer for your data to use Jettison to dismount the drives before sleep than allow them to spontaneously dismount. ~Rick

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Install Options

VAN9225upgrade - Vantec 92MM x 25MM Case Fan, Adapter, and Installation
LYCSATA3-4e - Lycom PCIe SATAIII Host Card

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