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Thunder3 RAID Station

T3-RS - Thunder3 RAID Station

  Thunder3 RAID Station - MUCH more than a 2 drive storage box. This masterpiece combines 2 drives, in or or out of RAID, with a docking station. Brilliant! SD card, Ethernet, USB3.1 Ports, and a Display Port, all in one small desktop footprint that runs off a single Thunderbolt3 cable.


  2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports allowing chaining of other Thunderbolt3 or USB3 Type C device. We've tested this with just about everything from other storage, USB hubs and massive displays chained off the Thunder3 Quad X. Better yet, this one supplies 75 WATTs of charging power for your laptop.

  1 Display Port. Connect another display here!

  2 x UB3.1 Ports. Keyboards, input devices, sound, whatever.

  1 Gb Ethernet port. Connect your router or wired network.

  1 SD Card Slot.

Thunder3 RAID Station


  With full Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth you can get 100% of the performance out of 2 installed hard drives and SSDs. I f you want the highest speed, stick a couple of Crucial SSDs in and RAID0 them. You can easily get up around 800MB/sec just using 2 SSDs. The toolless design of the RAID Station is built to accommodate either 3.5 inch drives or 2.5 inch drives and SSDs. Speed is what Thunderbolt3 is all about.


  You can backup to, and boot off of, drives installed inside the Thunder 3 RAID Station.

Small Size

  At 9.4 inch X 3.4 inch X 5.8 inch this is a small enclosure for its power. It takes up very little space on the desktop and is very nice looking.

Personal observations: This is a wonderful combination of useful features. I love being able to sit down with my MacBook Pro, plug in one Thunderbolt3 cable coming from the RAID Station, and my ethernet, keyboard and mouse, monitor and charging are all taken care of. It works as it's supposed to and is small enough to fit on any desktop. While it has a fan switch to turn off cooling fans, the fan is not loud and I prefer, much prefer, having drive at stable temperatures. My recommendation is leave the fan on unless you only occasionally run this drive or only have installed SSDs.... ~Rick

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