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Thunder3 Quad Mini 4 drive Thunderbolt2 Enclosure

T3-QuadMini - Thunder3 Quad Mini 4 drive Thunderbolt2 Enclosure

 T3 Quad Mini

  Thunder3 Quad bay Mini Thunderbolt3 JBOD enclosure. Small, fast storage that is a perfect match for your Thunderbolt3 equipped computer. This enclosure is supported on Mac OSX and Windows computers with a Thunderbolt3 connection. Designed to hold 4 SSDs or 2.5 inch laptop drives and give maximum speed, compactness and quiet. Superb and simple design, easy access to drive trays to swap out drives as needed.

2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports

  With a pair of Thunderbolt3 ports you can chain up to 5 more Thunderbolt devices off this unit. And being Thunderbolt3 you can maintain the chain's speed at top Thunderbolt3 levels. You can also chain a display off the second Thunderbolt port


  With full Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth you can get 100% of the performance out of installed hard drives and SSDs. If you want the highest speed, stick a couple of SSDs in and RAID0 them. You can easily get up around 1375MB/sec using 4 SSDs in an Apple striped RAID0. The trays in the Thunder3 are built to accommodate either 2.5 inch drives or SSDs. This device is FAST.

Hotswap Capability

  Easy to use tray system. You can pull a drive and insert a drive without affecting the operation of other drives in the enclosure. note: if you swap drives a lot, I'd recommend just leaving the front panel off for easier access to the drive trays. While not hard to remove, it will save a step to just leave it off.


  You can backup to, and boot off of, drives installed inside the Thunder3 Quad Mini. Note, this device is not Bootcamp compatible.

Super Small Size

  At 7.52 inches x 3.78 inches x 4.53 inches this is a TINY enclosure for its power. It takes up very little space on the desktop and is pretty nice looking.

Personal observations: Same design as its Thunderbolt2 older brother, very compact and very quiet. With SSDs it is incredibly fast. As small as this unit is, you can also easily take it with you. With 2TB Spinpoint drives, maximum capacities are very useful as well.. ~Rick

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