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Professional Portable USB3 or Firewire 800 Drive

MG12miniFW-U3 - Professional Portable USB3 or Firewire 800 Drive

Optional Installed 2.5" SATA Drive or SSD

- SATA Drive USB3 Speed!

- Bus Powered

This tiny enclosure has the size and performance for any 'on the go' storage needs. Pocket sized Firewire-USB enclosure is bus powered - so you don't need to bring anything except the enclosure and the Firewire or USB3 cable.

All aluminum construction. Protected recessed connectors. Includes all cables.

Simplicity - Needs only one cable between your computer and the drive. Plug in the data cable, the drive spins up, mounts and becomes available as your data storage drive, backup drive or even your boot drive. Perfect for taking along on that long photo or video shoot for storing or backing up your work as you go.

MG12 plus MBP

Speed - Up to 200 MB/sec with USB3 connection! Over Firewire 800 we get almost 100 MB/sec. Speed is also determined by drive model and how full the drive is. Momentus drives are around 120 MB/sec over USB3, with an installed SSD performance up over 200 MB/sec.

Small Size - At 3.1 inch x 4.9 inch x 0.9 inch, about as little as it gets. Easily fit in your pocket. 2.5 inch SATA drives up to currently available 1 TB capacity work perfectly in it. This enclosure is built to use either the taller 12.5 MM drives or the 9.5 MM height drives. Drives can be changed by the user (philips screwdriver required).

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