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Lycom PCIe SATAII Host Card

LYCeSATA4e - Lycom PCIe SATAII Host Card

This card is obsolete, but drivers are still available here

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RAID and Port Multiplier capable!

eSATA 3Gb/s Logo Supports up to 20 External Hard Drives
Windows XP, 2000, 2003 server, Vista and Linux

Mac OS - 10.4 - 10.11 - PCIe MacPro and PCIe Mac G5

  Lycom’s Port Multiplier capable host cards are THE choice of cards for your PCIe equipped Mac or PC. This card mounts up to 4 drives directly or up to 20 drives when attached to enclosures with Port Multipliers such as the Burly Port Multiplier Enclosures available here in 4, 5 and 8 Bay versions as well as Rack Mount. This card is the perfect card for use in all MacPro Towers including the 2008 8 Core Models. Works in Dual Core G5s as well, these are the last model G5s that had Dual Ethernet ports and PC4200 RAM.

   Capable of mounting the drives each independently or in any combination of software RAID. You can even create huge and incredibly fast arrays across multiple port multiplier systems for never before seen speeds and certainly never before seen capacities on a direct connected host card. Very versatile with great performance combined with the cost benefit of being able to attach less expensive smaller capacity drives in greater numbers for a huge per GB savings. The throughput from drives attached to these cards is exceptional giving full 300 MB/sec access to each of the four SATAII specification eSATA ports.

This is an 8 Lane PCIe card. Can also operate at full speed utilizing only 4 Lanes. Has a built in cooling fan that in our experience is VERY low noise output. This is a really 'cool' fan that impressed us with its quiet effectiveness and high tech design.


Port Multiplication:

  Please check out our Guide to Port Multipliers for a better description of how this super technology works.

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