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Burly Lite USB3.1 Drive Enclosure

BurlyLiteU3 - Burly Lite USB3.1 Drive Enclosure

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  MacGurus Burly-Lite drive enclosure is the world's toughest and most reliable. The last drive enclosure you will ever need to buy. Super strong steel case puts several layers of protection between your precious hard drive and the hazards around you. The small size belies the fact that the power supply and quiet cooling are inside the box. At 7.75" X 10" X 2.5" it will fit on your desk or in your briefcase.

  The internal 50 WATT power supply is rock solid with plenty of power and cooling for the hardest usage.

  A 50MM cooling fan that is extremely quiet will maintain temperatures well within a narrow and optimal range.

 This model Burly-Lite has a single Type B USB 3.1 port. This drive enclosure works splendidly with Apple's somewhat problematical USB 3 bus. It will allow hotswapping and continuous drive operations.

 The best USB 3.1 drive enclosure you will ever get. Stack them, stand them on their sides. cart 'em around with you. They can take it.

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