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Burly 2 Bay USB3.0 eSATA Enclosure

MGBurly2USB3 - Burly 2 Bay USB3.0 eSATA Enclosure

USB3 Logo   Burly 2 Bay eSATA and USB3.0 has a USB 3 bridge that really gets along with Mac USB 3 buses. That is unusual today where most multi-drive enclosures have mounting problems.

USB3.0 and eSATA ports

eSATA 6Gb/s Logo  Able to attach equally to USB 3 or eSATA is an added bonus. One note on eSATA is that it requires the host eSATA bus to be port multiplier capable to see 2 individual JBOD drives. This enclosure is not bootable.


  Fast. Over 300 MB/sec depending on configuration and drives used. With a pair of current Seagate 7200 RPM drives in a RAID 0 speeds were over 275 MB/sec.

Trayless drive mounting system

  Drives can be swapped out easily, especially with the trayless drive bays where you open the door and the unit hands you the bare drive for swap. Like all USB enclosures, you must dismount both drives and power the enclosure off when swapping one or more drives.

It's a Burly!

  That means that down the road, with any changes in need, you can swap out the bridge for a different connection type. Currently eSATA, MiniSAS, and USB3 are available. Tomorrow.... who knows what's next. You will be in position to decide for yourself if you own a Burly. The sturdiest, most maintainable storage you can buy. You can modify, repair, clean and change out parts as needed since the Burly is completely modular. Every part is individually available.

Personal observations: I am really pleased to finally have a USB 3.0 two drive bridge that gets along with Mac USB 3 buses and not just PCs. That has been an ongoing nightmare for quite a while with most USB devices coming up short. This USB 3.0 enclosure just works. I have noticed that it takes longer to mount drives on USB enclosures than on a pure eSATA or Thunderbolt storage system. Takes more patience when you power it up. And again, it is not bootable.  ~Rick

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