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Areca Thunderbolt2 8 drive RAID Enclosure

ARC-8050T2 - Areca Thunderbolt2 8 drive RAID Enclosure

  Thunderbolt Revision 2 Hardware RAID from Areca. This is the highest quality RAID device you can get for your Mac or PC.  Superbly crafted for speed and long term reliability. You cannot get a higher quality RAID system for your photos, video or general storage needs.

8050T2 rear view    ARC-8050T2 Thunderbolt RAID box allows easy scalability from JBOD to RAID. It can be configured in RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, or Single Disk/JBOD. The ARC-8050 incorporates an on-board high performance dual core 800Mhz storage processor and combined with 1GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM memory provides true high performance hardware RAID for demanding HD media creators needs.

  Versatility. Set up multiple separate volumes or just one. Boot from it. With data transfer speeds around 1GB/sec you can stream 4K video or have super fast access to your raw photo libraries.

  Thunderbolt technology lets you move data between high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices on a single, compact port. Both data and display signals can be sent and received at the same time through dual 10 Gbps channels. A single cable attached to one of the ports provides 2 channels able to achieve the 20 Gbps speeds flowing both ways simultaneously. A single Thunderbolt port can daisy chain of up to six Thunderbolt devices.

  Performance on Thunderbolt3 bus is just as good as on the Thunderbolt2. Use a Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt2 adapter. This unit operates at full speed on a Thunderbolt2 bus. Changing to a Thunderbolt3 chipset would give minimal, if any, performance advantages. For this size RAID, 8 drives, and this speed RAID processor, the only way to make it faster is with both higher speed RAID processor and more drives. Use of the 8050T2 on Thunderbolt3 equipped computers is highly recommended.

  Configuration and monitoring can be managed either through the front mounted LCD control panel, BIOS setup (Areca GUI) or remotely using the ethernet port. Web browser-based RAID manager allows local or remote access to it from any standard internet browser via a LAN port. The Intelligent cooling continuously adapts to environmental conditions by automatically controlling the speed of the cooling fans.This super silent design, optimizing balance between noise reduction and necessary cooling, makes ARC-8050T2 well suited for audio⁄video application.

  Drives: I like how these Areca RAIDs perform with standard desktop Seagate drives from 2TB on up through the 10TB BarraCuda models. And I especially like the value price on them. However, for the maximum in reliability the use of Enterprise drives may answer your needs better. The Seagate Enterprise and the Toshiba Enterprise drives are well tested performers. You can ask us any time for assistance. The cost is a bit higher, but Enterprise drives are the bomb when it comes to higher standards and the long 5 year warranty is an added bonus.

  Personal Notes: Like all Areca products, these are overwhelmingly well designed and rock solid. Adding the Thunderbolt 2 capability to an existing product has upped the speed around 20 percent giving us 1GigaByte per second data throughput when hooked to a Thunderbolt 2 port. Those are very impressive numbers. Pair that with the stability of Areca MRAID management utility and we have world class Enterprise storage ready to plug into an available Thunderbolt port. You will not be disappointed with this unit storing your media. I give these units the highest possible rating and recommendation.     ~Rick

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