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Areca Thunderbolt3 12 drive RAID Enclosure

ARC-8050T3U-12 - Areca Thunderbolt3 12 drive RAID Enclosure

  8050T3-12 rear view Thunderbolt3 Areca 12 bay Hardware RAID. Super high performance and reliability for your storage needs. And for the first time, with SAS Expansion capabilities built in.

  Thunderbolt - These units are Thunderbolt3, compatible with the new Thunderbolt3 equipped Macs and PCs. They are also capable of being attached to Thunderbolt2 using Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt2 adapters.

  Performance - The RAID controller combined with Thunderbolt3 bandwidth gives us the most speed possible out of 12 hard drives. Sustainable speeds up past 1500MB/sec available for high end DV editting and data transfer requirements.

  Built in onboard 1.2GHz controller with 2GB DDR3-1866 memory. ARC-8050T3-12 Thunderbolt RAID box allows easy scalability from JBOD to RAID. It can be configured in RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, or Single Disk/JBOD.

  This RAID controller is capable of controlling up to 256 drives through the built in 8644 MiniSAS connection. Attaching additional storage enclosures couldn't be easier, and creating, managing the additional storage all done through the RAID Manager software controlling the ARC-8050T3-12.

  Personal Notes: In my opinion, the Areca 8050T3 series are Superstars. They work like they are supposed to, they are incredibly well built, they last forever. Best part, your data is the most secure and speediest possible. I not only recommend them, I use them on my own system.     ~Rick

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