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5 Bay Trayless eSATA USB3.0 PM Enclosure

5BayTrayless-PM - 5 Bay Trayless eSATA USB3.0 PM Enclosure
5 Bay eSATA and USB3 Enclosure

USB3 Logo   5 Bay eSATA and USB3.0 has a USB 3 port multiplier bridge that really gets along with Mac USB 3 buses. That is unusual today where most multi-drive enclosures have mounting problems.

USB3.0 and eSATA ports

eSATA 6Gb/s Logo  Able to attach equally to USB 3 or eSATA is an added bonus. One note on eSATA is that it requires the host eSATA bus to be port multiplier capable to see individual JBOD drives.


  Fast. Over 300 MB/sec depending on configuration and drives used..

Trayless drive mounting system

  Drives can be swapped out easily, especially with the trayless drive bays where you open the door and the unit hands you the bare drive for swap. Like all USB enclosures, you must dismount ALL drives and power the enclosure off when swapping one or more drives.

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Add eSATA Cable

MY78EX-BB - 2 meter Shielded External SATA w/eSATA to eSATA connectors
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