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FireWire 400 Cables

FireWire 400 Cables

Granite Digital



Granite Digital FireVue GoldDiagnostic Firewire Cables

These are the finest Firewire 1394a cables made, bar none! They offer the highest data transfer potential possible for any FireWire bus while eliminating errors. Gold contacts, extra shielding, gold connections and extra heavy wire serve to protect your data and give the highest transfer rates possible. The LED Diagnostic Indicator tells you all is proper on your Firewire bus. These cables have the best warranty you can get: Lifetime Warranted.


  • Diagnostic Indicators: Shows Cable’s Data Integrity.
  • Triple Shielding & Ferrite Bead: Controls Cross talk and RFI noise interference, Faster performance & less errors.
  • Extra Heavy Gauge Wire Twisted Pair: Higher data transfer.


  • Connectors: 30u gold on contacts
  • Shell: 3u gold
  • Signal Attenuation: 4-db max / 4.5 meters at 400MHz
  • Impedance Diff Mode: 110 ohms (+ -) 6 Ohms
  • Conductor Size: 22 AWG on Power & 28 AWG on Signal

Granite Digital FireVueDiagnostic 1394 Cables with Diagnostic LED Readout

LED Cable Monitors

Gold Connectors, Ferrite Beads, and perfect cable characteristics are but a few of the exclusive features offered with these 1394 FireWire cables. Built-in Diagnostic LED monitors power on the FireWire cable. If too many devices are plugged in without auxiliary power the light will go dim. If there is no power supplied at all the light is off. Proper operation is indicated by a bright LED.

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FireWire 400 Cables

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