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Roll Your Own SATA

Roll Your Own SATA Guide Page

Guide and photos by Rick Stephens


 Thank you for checking out MacGurus guide page on building your own SATA drive enclosures. SATA is becoming the drive bus of choice. SATA gives us nearly the speed of SCSI but with the capacity and cost of ATA. These enclosures give up nothing in quality and with wicked fast performance all you might need is a seat belt when you fire them off!

 The enclosure used in these pictures is a Black four bay Burly enclosure. The parts and procedures for the smaller 2 Bay enclosure is the same, just less drives and component parts. Every part contained in our kits is available individually from our Store.

MacGurus Burly 4 Drive SATA Kit Burly 4 Bay Kit

 The four drive kit pictured above is typical. Offered both with and without drives this kit will come complete with internal cables, mounting brackets and external cables. Plenty of screws are provided in all kits.

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