Video RAM Prices
While some of the products mentioned on this page may no longer be available, the information about these products remains available to those who may need it.

Model number links below point to logic board diagrams elsewhere on this website. The diagrams may be useful to experienced Macintosh users in identifying significant motherboard landmarks and memory expansion slots. Other links point to pages in the Apple Technical Information Library (TIL), and to sales pages on the MacGurus website.

If you do not see a schematic for your Macintosh and need assistance, feel free to email a MacGurus support engineer. If you are in doubt about your ability to handle sensitive electronic components, please contact your local authorized Apple dealer. Don't void your warranty!

The 112-pin 70ns VRAM DIMMs on this page specifically support:

Note: 2MB Expansion modules for ATI video cards which shipped with some early variants of the Power Mac 9500 are typically in-stock, but delays in filling your order may occurr. Your patience is appreciated.

The 144-pin SO-DIMMs on this page support:

120-pin 4400/Motorola SGRAM DIMMs are no lonber available

The 68-pin, 80ns VRAM SIMMs on this page support:

Note: 64-pin, 100ns 1MB VRAM SIMMs for the Apple Display Card 8/24GC are no longer available. The 64-pin, 100ns 256k VRAM SIMMs for the Apple Display Card 4/8 are also no longer available. If you require VRAM of this type, you have little alternative but to seek it on the used market. These pieces have not been in production for several years, and no inventories remain.

MacGurus wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Jeff Saxe for his gracious technical corrections to data on this page.