Beige G3 SDRAM!


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Note: All 168-pin SDRAM DIMMs listed on this page are high-quality 3.3-volt, unbuffered 8-byte (x64 non-parity) SDRAM, JEDEC-standard (MO-161), PC100, CAS2 2-2-2, 64-bit-wide, with a speed of 125MHz/8ns or faster.

The Apple "Beige" G3 has three SDRAM expansion slots. As the Grackle IC memory controller and PCI bridge on the Gossamer and Artemis logic boards supports only linear memory organization, no benefit accrues from installing SDRAM DIMMs in matched pairs, and DIMMs (installed in any slot and any order) are addressed as a contiguous memory array.

Although Apple technical documents state that the densest DIMM supported by the Gossamer and Artemis main logic boards is a two-banked 128MB DIMM using a maximum of sixteen 64Mbit SDRAM devices, testing has demonstrated that max configurations of 768MB are feasible in these three-slot machines using three 256MB SDRAM DIMMs employing thirty-two CMOS 16Mx4 bit Synchronous-DRAM devices in a 1.15-inch high form factor. These DIMMs are appropriate for use in either Desktop (DT) or MiniTower (MT) versions of the Apple G3, and are designed to support bus speeds of 66MHz, 83MHz, and 100MHz.

With the exception of the 256MB SDRAM DIMM, all other pieces are fully compliant with Apple specifications--with the additional and desirable exception of being only 1.15-inches tall: any SDRAM DIMM on this page will handily fit in either the Apple G3 DT or MT without difficulty.

Chip-sets used vary, but G3 SDRAM DIMMs invariably work error-free in the Power Macs and Mac clones listed below.

The DIMMs on this page are specifically designed to support: