Performa / Quadra 630-series

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The Performa 630-series has a single 72-pin SIMM slot addressed along a 32-bit memory bus. This computer requires standard 80ns non-parity SIMMs or faster, in either 2k or 4k refresh, as it typically shipped in a 4MB default configuration with a vacant SIMM slot.

With 4MB DRAM soldered to the logic board, the 630-series is bootable out of the box. A single SIMM of any size can be installed, with supported memory configurations including 8MB, 12MB, 20MB, and 36MB. The maximum amount of usable memory in the 630-series is 36MB, in the form of a single 32MB SIMM in combination with the soldered 4MBs of logic board DRAM.

This motherboard, based on the Motorola 68040 processor and its 68LC040 variant, does not support memory interleaving.

Logic Board RAM 4MB.
Supported SIMMs 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB.
Number SIMM Slots One (1).
Supported VRAM 1MB non-upgradeable, soldered VRAM on motherboard.
Number VRAM Slots None.
L2 Cache Supported None (Non-PowerPC architecture).
SIMM Type 72-pin, FPM 32-bit, 2k or 4k refresh, 80ns or faster.

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As noted, the Performa 630 utilizes a 1MB DRAM video frame buffer, and consequently has no VRAM slots on the logic board. No expansion beyond the 1MB VRAM soldered on the logic board is feasible. It is possible, however, to install video cards using the LC-style PDS slot to attain higher video resolutions and utilize larger monitors, or to drive dual displays at one time.

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