PowerBook 5300-series

Motherboard Diagram by MacGurus
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The PowerBook 5300-series has a single motherboard memory expansion slot addressed along a 32-bit memory bus. These computers require unique 70ns PB5300/190 Memory Expansion Cards in either 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 48MB capacities. The 5300-series shipped in no fewer than six distinct configurations, with five different motherboard revisions:

As noted, only one motherboard revision shipped with 8MB soldered to the logic board; all other variants boasted 16MB. While all 5300-series motherboard revisions accept the same RAM as the PowerBook 190 & 190cs, delivery pretesting will be facilitated if you note which PowerBook you are ordering for in the Comments field of the Ordering Form when ordering upgrade modules.

Depending on the amount of soldered main motherboard RAM, the addition of a single 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 48MB expansion module yields memory configurations between 12MB and 64MB. Apple specifications suggest that 64MB is the maximum amount of RAM the 5300-series can address.

The PB5300-series shares a main logic board design with the PowerBook 190-series, but the 5300-series shipped with Motorola 603e microprocessors running at either 100MHz or 117MHz. The 5300-series supports SCSI Disk Mode.

Logic Board RAM 8MB or 16MB.
Supported Modules 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 48MB.
Number Expansion Slots One (1).
Soldered VRAM 512k / 1MB (See note below).
Number VRAM Slots One.
L2 Cache Supported None.
Module Type 70ns PB190/5300-series RAM Expansion Card.

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The PowerBook 5300-series includes 512k VRAM soldered to the main logic board, and 512k on the external video card, which is capable of driving external video displays, including most 16-inch and 17-inch displays, at 832 x 624 resolution, and the Apple Multiple Scan 17 & 20 displays at resolutions ranging from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768. (Apple notes that these last resolutions are "unsupported," requiring a visit to the Options window of the Monitors Control Panel.) Unlike previous PowerBooks, 5300-series PowerBooks can drive external monitors while running on battery power.

The PowerBook Video Adapter Cable (M3927LL/A), which is also compatible with the PowerBook 500-series, is not included with the 5300-series, and is only available from authorized dealers. The Micro DV-14 (or VID-14) video-out port on the external video card yields 8-bit color output in 256 colors, supporting most Macintosh monitors, VGA monitors, and SVGA monitors. Apple mentions, in TIL article PowerBook 5300 & 190 Series: Internal & External Video (5/96), that 16-bit output is feasible at resolutions of 640 x 480 and 832 x 624 through the replacement of the 512k VRAM Apple card with a third-party 1MB VRAM video card.

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