Workgroup Server Motherboard Layouts
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Layouts covering the Network Server 500 & 700-series are under development. We currently do not plan to develop drawings for the AWS 60, AWS 80, or the A/UX-based AWS 95.

The majority of the above layouts, with the exception of the WGS9150 and Network Servers, point to their Power Mac analogues since differences at the hardware level are minimal.

To clarify the distinction between Macs and Workgroup Servers, we include an excerpt from an article in Apple's Technical Information Library (TIL):

...In the early 1990's Apple found that workgroups increasingly needed sophisticated network-based features to get their work done although they did not necessarily have an experienced network manager to run the workgroup's network. Apple Business Systems built a business around the Workgroup Server product family to deliver inexpensive servers that are easy to use and administer while offering high performance processors with high capacity disks, high reliability from bundled hardware (RAID, DAT Tape Backup) and software (Retrospect Remote), lifetime comprehensive customer technical support, and valuable bundled network management and client software. These features offer a compelling difference between a Workgroup Server as a network solution for workgroups and Macintosh for desktop computing.

We couldn't say it any better.

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